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Requirements: 2.1 - 2.3.7 Overview: Legacy Launcher is based on the open-source free Cyanogenmod version of ADW Launcher and is a free home screen replacement for legacy devices, with the purpose of bettering the proven experience of ADW Launcher Free.  For all intents and purposes, this is ADW Launcher Free with some improvements.  **Passwords set in this application are not designed to be secure. It is recommended that you do not set your common password in this application.  Source code is now up at: https://github.com/chislon/LegacyLauncher  # Notices  For help, take a look at the built-in 'Guide'.  Before you update, it is recommended that you back up your settings: 'Launcher Setup->More->Backup and Restore', choose 'Backup settings' and 'Backup desktop icon placement'.  See the ADW Guide for more help: http://code.google.com/p/adw-launche...leteGuideToADW  # Features  Key features of ADW Launcher Free present in Legacy Launcher:  * customizable number of desktop home screens  * customizable drag&drop action buttons  * ADW themes  (See the webpage for a more complete list of features. Note that some features have been removed, such as the hidden dock bar.)  ADW Launcher was developed by Anderweb and a team of developers: http://jbthemes.com/anderweb/category/adwlauncher/ http://code.google.com/p/adw-launcher-android/ https://github.com/CyanogenMod/andro...ps_ADWLauncher  # Permissions  These permissions were retained from the original ADW source code and have not been significantly changed, and are standard for Launcher applications.  # Notes  If your installed ADW Theme looks weird, make sure you have not selected 'Override Colors' in the drawer and application tray.  If you would like to install a theme with a custom dock background, remember to unhide the dock background.  I did not enable the importing of ADW Launcher settings, but you could try renaming the backup xml and db files to the ones used in this application.  If you have a extra high resolution device, this launcher will not look optimized for your device. The original application was originally made for 800x480 screens and lower, so there is little I can do to make things work better for you.  This application was modified for personal use. I do not intended to add new features to this launcher. Unless you have source code to contribute to make the feature possible, I will not be adding anything new. This application was written in my free time, so please be reasonable with your comments. Hopefully it works for you.  If this does not fit your needs, I recommend that you try:  ADW Launcher EX  ADW Launcher Free  Zeam Launcher  Go Launcher EX  Nemus Launcher  Lightning Launcher  Unless otherwise noted, it is recommended that you update to the newest version available.  # User Feedback http://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=1fb120  # Compatibility  * ICS and later versions of Android are not supported, because things break.  * Samsung Galaxy S Infuse has a different data layout. As a result, backup/restore will fail on some stock firmwares. I cannot fix this as I do not have access to the device. If you know how to fix this, feel free to send me a patch.  What's in this version:  0.39.5  - Fix for Android 2.1 where it was not possible to add widgets  - Tweak app drawer animation https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordpress.chislonchow.legacylauncher Download Instructions: http://rapidgator.net/file/30390386/  mirror: http://depositfiles.com/files/9z01qje4i http://aa.vg/05fhy39ksk6q


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