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Requirements: 1.6 and up Overview: "LayerPaint" is a paint software that support multiple layers. Interface of LayerPaint is really simple, but it also contains most of the features necessary for mobile-painting (image editing).  You can paint with switching Brush, Eraser, Line Draw, Fill Rectangle, Select Rectangle Region, Move, Bucket Tool, Gradation, Spoit, and Hand Tool.  For layer window, we offer Add, Delete, Move Down, Set Alpha, toggle Visible-Invisible. You can save working copy as a PSD(Photoshop) format, that preserve layer structure. From menu, you also operate Clear, Duplicate, and Merge Down layer.  "Pen Pressure" support from 1.1.0. [e.g. ThinkPad Tablet, Galaxy Note]  * Manual  * Introduction article (Japanese)  What's in this version:  [1.2.11] Support brush cursor feature (Android 4.0 or later, stylus only).  [1.2.10] Import image function has been improved.  [1.2.9] Import layer function has been added.  [1.2.6] Assign Undo/Redo to Volume-Button (enable from Settings). Assign Eraser to Stylus's Side-Button (Android 4.0 or later).  [1.2.5] Layer clipping support. Bug fixed.  [1.2.0] HD Display User Interface has been added. Download Instructions:Released by Nihon-no-fanboi  mirror:


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