S5670JPKQ7 [Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread] Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

S5670JPKQ7 [Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread] Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Here’s the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Arabic version for Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670, the firmware build number is S5670JPKQ7 with CSC file S5670OJPKQ4. The build date is September 18, 2011, we cannot confirmed yet if this is officially released by Samsung or just a leaked version. If you’re in Arabic regions you may confirm if by checking out KIES server. We know it’s been a while that the Android 2.3.4  for Arabic Regions is farther more delayed while the other regions in Europe and Asia already got the firmware update since July and August. So here it comes, you can try it by yourself.

build info

# autogenerated by buildinfo.sh                                                          ro.build.id=GINGERBREAD                                                                  ro.build.display.id=GINGERBREAD.JPKQ7                                                    ro.build.version.incremental=JPKQ7                                                       ro.build.version.sdk=10                                                                  ro.build.version.codename=REL                                                            ro.build.version.release=2.3.4                                                           ro.build.date=Sun Sep 18 18:32:23 KST 2011                                               ro.build.date.utc=1316338343                                                             ro.build.type=user                                                                       ro.build.user=root                                                                       ro.build.host=DELL127                                                                    ro.build.tags=release-keys                                                               ro.product.brand=samsung                                                                 ro.product.model=GT-S5670                                                                ro.product.name=GT-S5670                                                                 ro.product.device=GT-S5670                                                               ro.product.board=GT-S5670                                                                # ro.build.product is obsolete; use ro.product.device                                    ro.build.product=GT-S5670                                                                ro.product.cpu.abi=armeabi                                                               ro.product.manufacturer=samsung                                                          ro.product.locale.language=ar                                                            ro.product.locale.region=AE                                                              ro.wifi.channels=                                                                        ro.board.platform=msm7k                                                                  # Do not try to parse ro.build.description or .fingerprint                               ro.build.description=GT-S5670-user 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD JPKQ7 release-keys                  ro.build.fingerprint=samsung/GT-S5670/GT-S5670:2.3.4/GINGERBREAD/JPKQ7 :user/release-keys # Samsung Specific Properties                                                            ro.build.PDA=S5670JPKQ7                                                                  ro.build.hidden_ver=S5670JPKQ7                                                           ro.build.changelist=577623                                                               ro.build.buildtag=                                                                       # end build properties

The S5670JPKQ7 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Arabic version stock ROM is available now online on sammobile. The password is “samfimware.com”. You can manually install it on Samsung Galaxy Fit using an Odin Downloader tool. We will try to make a tutorial for it after we can confirm that this said update version is official release over Arabic region.

Update: How to install it using Odin 

- Once you downloaded the S5670JPKQ7 firmware packaged. Extract or unrar it.
- Download the ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38 and OPS: BENI_V1.0.OPS

NOTE: You should always do a factory reset after flashing or installing a new rom. Just make sure to back up all of your important data including contacts/messages etc.

1) Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Fit
2) Remove your SIM Card and SD Card, just to avoid any issues
3) Run ODIN 4.38.exe on your PC
4) Click the OPS button then select BENI_v1.0.ops from extracted archive and load it.
5) Tick on the One Packaged checkbox, Auto Reboot and Protect OPS were also remain checked.
6) Click on the One Packaged button then load S5670JPKQ7_S5670OJPKQ4_S5670XWKQ4_HOME.tar.md5 file.
7.Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy Fit, then reboot it into download mode by pressing POWER+VOLUME DOWN+OK Button simultaneously. Then Connect the device via USB into PC. On ODIN’s COM Port Mapping will highlight into yellow color when the device is already detected.

8) If all is set and ready: Press “START” button and wait until the process completes.

s5670jpkq7+odin+flashing+android+2.3.4 S5670JPKQ7 [Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread] Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Loading the OPS and the single packed firmware file on Odin
s5670jpkq7+odin+flashing+android+2.3.4+2 S5670JPKQ7 [Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread] Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Shows a word “PASS” when the flashing finishes

9) Once it finishes you will see a word “PASS” in odin, disconnect the phone,confirm the new downloaded firmware version by typing **#1234#. You may also do a full reset to have a fresh newly firmware installed by typing *2767*3855#.

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