Melon Call Lock S60v3 Unsigned Retail By DsPDA

Melon Call Lock S60v3 Unsigned Retail By DsPDA

ScreenShot001 Melon Call Lock S60v3 Unsigned Retail By DsPDA
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Lock your screen during calls! Call Lock helps you avoid mistakenly dialing numbers or hanging up while you are in a call. Accidentally hanging up or dialing while you talk? With Call Lock you won’t make such mistakes anymore. Simply enable it and your screen will automatically lock when you are in a call! Don’t let your calls be ruined that easily! Do any of these sound familiar: You are trying to unlock the door, supporting the phone with your shoulder, when you hang up with your cheek. You are talking to your other half and accidentally dial someone else. You finally receive the long-awaited job interview call and just one uncoordinated movement on your side accidentally hangs up on your future employer. You are in a hurry to write down a number or an address, clutching your phone in a strange position and accidentally accept someone else’s call. Features: Easily switch lock protection on and off Runs unnoticeably in the background Auto-start Hassle-free

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